The latest top-notch groceries making their debut on store shelves presently

The latest top-notch groceries making their debut on store shelves presently

Lloyd Jacobs
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Being a Sagittarius, December holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just because of my birthday, but also the enchanting festive atmosphere that surrounds this time. Regardless of which holiday you embrace, December offers a perfect pause for relaxation, bonding with loved ones, and relishing shared meals. Winter comfort foods like hot cocoa, cookies fresh from the oven, and treats tinged with cinnamon add to the charm.

The new grocery offerings that grace the shelves in December truly capture this magical season. Recently, I stumbled upon delightful discoveries, such as a yogurt infused with eggnog essence and nutmeg aroma, a limited-time energy drink flaunting the flavors of pear and cinnamon, and a fresh spin on a classic rolled tortilla chip, evoking nostalgia with a modern twist. This week, I’m thrilled to unveil the latest additions that elevate your mornings and evenings. And stay tuned for next week’s update featuring more of December’s irresistible grocery debuts.

1. Nestlé Carnation Zero Sugar Original Coffee Creamer

Growing up, our pantry was always filled with Carnation evaporated milk, a staple for Thai iced tea and coffee. It’s no surprise that Nestlé Carnation ventured into creating a coffee creamer. Despite being sugar-free, this creamer boasts a delightful sweet cream taste without any lingering artificial sweetener aftertaste. Its perfect consistency strikes a balance—thick enough to impart a creamy indulgence yet light enough not to alter the enjoyment of sipping coffee. This is undoubtedly becoming a go-to for my morning brew.

2. Avec Fuji Apple and Cardamom Premium Carbonated Drink

The imminent arrival of winter isn’t deterring my love for fall flavors just yet. This fresh Avec can, crafted in partnership with Yes! Apples—a collective of upstate New York apple growers—delivers a mature take on apple juice. Its flavor is a delightful blend of tartness, expertly balanced with hints of cardamom, tarragon, and lemon verbena. The sleek cans also add a touch of sophistication. If you’re seeking a non-alcoholic, effervescent option for holiday festivities this year, consider grabbing a case of these.

3. Chobani Spiced Holiday Nog

Being a devoted fan of eggnog, I proudly embrace it. Yet, one aspect I’ve noticed about eggnog is its tendency to become excessively thick and overly sweet at times. However, Chobani seems to have mastered the art with its holiday-themed yogurt: It avoids the trap of being overly dense, striking a wonderful balance between sweetness and the inherent tartness of yogurt. The infusion of nutmeg amplifies its resemblance to the festive holiday beverage even further.

4. Red Bull Pear Cinnamon Winter Edition

The winter-themed Red Bull in this edition showcases pear as its standout flavor. Juicy and sweet, it offers a subtle touch of cinnamon that emerges after the initial burst of fruitiness—akin to experiencing a poached pear in the form of an energy drink. While I usually lean towards coffee or tea for my caffeine boost, I can easily envision this Red Bull serving as a fantastic mixer for crafting holiday-inspired cocktails.

5. Zack’s Mighty Rolled Tortilla Chips Chile Lime

Zack’s Mighty tortilla chips are crafted using regenerative corn and feature a straightforward list of ingredients. Alongside the company’s dedication to sustainability, the chips themselves exhibit flawless qualities. The chile lime variant delivers abundant heat with just the perfect touch of zestiness. Rolled into tidy cylinders, they offer a gratifying crunch. While robust enough to pair with queso and guacamole, they’re equally delightful as a standalone snack.

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