Our editors anticipate the food trends of 2023

Our editors anticipate the food trends of 2023

Lloyd Jacobs
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In 2022, the spotlight was on viral foods, sparking discussions about butter boards, caviar bumps, and the Prosecco-infused negroni sbagliato. Cloud bread, dubbed as “Healthy Coke” (a shrub), and baked oatmeal all basked in their moments of fame. Conversations flourished around the merits of pasta chips, chicken Caesar wraps, and Erewhon’s blue smoothie, inspiring numerous imitations.

Rather than attempting to forecast the next fleeting food trend destined to surge and vanish within weeks, I sought a more pragmatic perspective on our eating habits in 2022. I reached out to my fellow editors to explore what shifts they anticipate in their approach to food in 2023. Here’s what they shared:

1. Cooking With Stock To Cooking With Water

In my cooking this year, I’ve opted for water over stock whenever I can. It’s a cost-effective option straight from the tap, freeing up precious pantry space that always seems to vanish. Plus, the taste—using water instead of stock maintains the lightness and freshness in my braises and soups, and that’s exactly what I’m craving at the moment. Join in—let’s embrace the water movement straight from our faucets.

2. Still Wine to Sparkling Wine

Effervescence adds a touch of celebration to any moment—be it a pink pét-nat paired with a cheese board for a casual TV dinner or a sparkling red accompanying a burger at my beloved natural wine bar. I adore all wines, but lately, it’s the bubbly ones that truly captivate me.

3. Dining Out to Dinner Parties At Home

To me, dinner parties evoke a sense of nostalgic gatherings akin to salons: everyone engaging in lively conversations while savoring a delightful spread. And of course, we curate our playlist with favorite tunes. In 2023, the dinner party serves as a relaxed yet meaningful way to come together. It’s inclusive—whether for friends preferring sobriety or those on a tight budget; at home, everyone’s welcome at the table in their own way. Bring an appetizer, an icebreaker, or a delightful aperitif—there’s a place for everyone to contribute.

4. Cold Salad to Cooked Salad

I’ll take the comforting, hearty satisfaction of a baked salad—think roasted squash and cauliflower—over a bed of cold lettuce and raw veggies drowned in dressing any day of the week.

5. Soft Yolk to Hard Yolk

The internet may rave about runny yolks, but I’ve never quite understood the hype. I’m steadfast in my preference for a solid 10-minute hard-boiled egg—perhaps 12 if I happen to lose track of time. Need a jammy egg? I’ll add another four minutes to the timer. Looking for a fried egg with a fully cooked center? I’ll let it sizzle until it’s just right. For me, it all comes down to taste. I adore eggs, but it’s the flavor of the whites that truly captivates me, which is why I stand firmly as a die-hard enthusiast of the well-cooked egg.

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